Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Saturday Project

When we found out we were having another boy, I told Aaron the only thing we needed was a set of bunk beds. And obviously that wouldn't come for a while - it's not like Emmett is ready to give up the crib for a big boy bed. But I've been keeping my eyes open for a year or so and decided I wanted the ones from Big Lots. My sister has had them for a couple years and they like them and they are holding up well. Plus they're pretty cheap. I watch the ads for them and knew they were on sale this week. So when my mom offered to go in halvsies with us... we couldn't pass it up and went out and bought them Sat. morning.

Let me say I have a list titled, "Things to do Before the Baby Comes 2008," and putting up bunkbeds was not on the list. This was my last Saturday to get things done - but instead I (and the whole family) spent most of the day buying, hauling, assembling, and installing them. Which was kind of fun, but man! I was so worn out by 4 pm. Alden slept on the bottom bunk Sat. night though and seems to have made the transistion just fine. He wants to sleep on the top though, of course. We didn't buy bunkie boards, but this afternoon Candice took me to Home Depot in her truck to buy plywood to support the mattresses. And she helped us put them in so we're all stable now. And tomorrow, on my last free day, after I teach preschool in the morning, I will install the ladder and the front railings so that Alden can climb up there as much as he wants. Emmett has proven his monkey pedigree and seems to be a better climber than his brother even, so look for an ER visit in our future. Here are the pictures to document the whole thing. Alden was a big help putting everything together. And a huge thanks goes out to our neighbors, the Spencers, for coming over to help us get them into the room, stack them, and haul mattresses around. You guys are awesome!

Before & After

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Jane said...

those bunkbeds look awesome!

i can't believe you taught preschool today. hope you got everything ready for the baby trip, and if not every little thing got done, i'm sure it'll all work out fine anyway. you're a mama-overachiever for sure!!!