Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First First Day of School

Alden started kindergarten. Hooray! and sigh. but no cries. He's only four, and we did have him signed up for pre-K, but that program was cut with the budget crunch. So full day kindergarten, here we come. He loves it so much and can't stop talking about it when we pick him up every day. He goes to MacArthur, which is where I spent seven years of my childhood. He loves his teacher, Mrs. Harvey, and is making new friends in his class every day. He is always telling me about a new kid that he knows now. We were happy to have Hailey Bastian in his class, from Miss Peggy's preschool - so at least he had one friend on the first day. His buddy Kaleb Rasmussen is in the class next to him and they see each other often.


Steph said...

Both my boys had Mrs. Harvey and we all loved her! She is awesome--nice but firm. Glad you finally posted again! ;)

Candice said...

What a big boy Alden Bear! He's growing up too fast! I'm so glad he likes kindergarten so much!