Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's a Christmas Miracle!

I have been getting more and more upset about my broken computer, especially since my primary presidency was released yesterday and we have to turn over everything to the new one. And as the secretary, of course I had almost all the data. And it turns out that despite Aaron's magic - we only managed to recover the folders and subfolders, not any actual documents. Somehow I forgot the most important thing - even more than backing up. I hadn't prayed to ask Heavenly Father for help. And once I thought of it I knew everything would be okay. I said my prayer and told Aaron that the laptop would work just fine now - long enough for us to get the primary info off, and maybe some other stuff too. And you know what? It did. The Lord gave me a Christmas Miracle! Not as miraculous as the birth of His Son - but timely for me this year. And I remembered to thank Him too. My computer worked just fine for 5 hours last night. I pulled everything off and backed it all up. And then just surfed the internet for a while. And it's still working today. A miracle, I tell you! Aaron says it's still shot and not to save anything on it - we're still accepting donations for a new one! But apparently we're getting a little repreive. Thank the Lord! Literally.

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