Sunday, September 28, 2008

He is a Child of God

Today was the primary program at church and I have to admit being a little bored with programs in the past, or even making fun of them a bit. So I was amazed at how differently I felt with one of my own up there. I apologize to all of those primary presidencies and parents that have known all along how special these programs are.

Just watching my son trying to perform I Am a Child of God in sign language was enough to bring tears to my eyes, as well as a little chuckle. Aaron & I couldn't believe that he seemed to know almost all the words to every song. And his little seven word part was memorized weeks ago and delivered just as speedily as could be - so that we were probably the only ones who knew he said, "I learn about prayer from the scriptures." Alden also gave a talk during sharing time about prayer and did a great job. He loves being up in front of everyone and talking in the microphone.


3in3mom said...

That is so true. It was my first year with children in the program as well and tears came really easily for me--I had to hold back as I am a teacher and was sitting on the stand as well.

I bet Alden was just so cute! He is such a sweet little boy. He IS a precious child of God.

Candice said...

Love the pic with Alden wearing Stephen's hat! next year I hope our ward's are at different times so I can come see him in the Primary Program!