Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thank Goodness for Little (and big) Boys

Aaron and I were both in the kitchen/living room while Alden & Emmett were eating applesauce at the counter. Neither of us were paying much attention to them though and when I finally turned to look at them when the screaming/fighting got past my tolerance level - I saw this scene (below). Food fight with the applesauce. I was really upset but thought to get my camera first. I'm worried that this is reinforcing the bad behavior, but how can I not document moments like this. The photo is bad, and you really can't see the smear of applesauce all over the counter, floor, stools, pants, shirts, faces, and hair.

The next shot is the reason we have locks on the boys' closet. They were just in there playing and I guess I forgot to lock it. I know the tell-tale sounds of too much fun in there and ran in to find another mess. Emmett has been known to pull every item of clothing off the hanger, dump both laundry baskets, fling shoes about the room, and knock all the sheets & toys from the top shelves in less that 5 minutes. Quite a feat.

The two shots above were taken at my annual friends party. My high school friends and spouses get together once a year during the holidays and this was the first year that kids were invited. Thanks to the Laytons for hosting - it was a fabulous fling and my boys had lots of fun. Emmett's wishing for a cool Harley rocking motorcycle like his friend Kyler has, and both boys wish Santa would bring them a trampoline. I think Santa knows that our neighbors and grandparents have tramps, so there's no need for us.

Last Sunday I dressed Alden and Emmett in matching outfits of blue shirts and grey pants. 'Cause I'm the Mom and I can do stuff like that while they're young. Then we got a fun surprise when Aaron came in with matching duds too. The boys were so proud to look grown-up like their Dad.

When I got Mega Bloks for the boys last year at Christmas, they didn't seem to like them much. But they have been using them a lot the last several months and Alden loves to create tall buildings. And Emmett loves to kick them down. And I love to break up the ensuing fights. This picture Alden is showing off his whopping gun. It fell over 10 seconds later and he had a fit.

Let's not forget sweet Ro Ro and his ever increasing mobility. Helping Mom with the dishwasher is one of his favorite things! Let me take a moment to mention that he has two more teeth on the top now. Let's say Nov. 24th and 25th for his baby book. Yes, I'm post-dating this blog entry - so sue me.
I'm always a sucker for the photo op of Aaron with all three boys on his chair.

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