Friday, January 5, 2007

Carpenter Christmas

We feel very blessed to enjoy a wonderful Christmas this year. It was pretty casual and we spent lots of time just hanging out and playing with the boys. Santa Claus found our new house and left way too many toys for Alden, and the occasional trinket for Emmett too! Aaron's sis & br-in-law spent the morning with us, which made everything more fun. The boys love playing with Uncle Stephen and we found out he makes some mean chocolate chip pancakes too. Candice can never seem to get enough of the boys and we're taking advantage of that while we can since she'll have her own baby in July. Lunch and the afternoon were spent with Tara's family and we all came home with tons more stuff we don't need (but love anyway). Many thanks to all the generous family and friends who thought of us during the Holidays this year. New Year's diets had to wait while we put away a lot of good food (and not-so-good-for-you food that is the most delicious). Oh, and we watched a lot of football. Aaron says that's why we have the holidays, to watch a lot of football. I say he's lucky to have a wife who actually enjoys it and doesn't make him turn it off. We hope everyone else had a great Christmas as well.

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Tom said...

Is Aaron wearing pink pajamas in this photo?