Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Week in the Snow

The boys & I at our favorite snowy playground.

Emmett & Gram.

Tami & the cousins/snowman builders.

The babies on the swings. Emmy & Rex, with Brooki helping.

Mons spent hours pushing all the kids down the hill on the toboggan.

Thanks to Aaron's parents, we were able to spend last week in our own timeshare in Flagstaff, just 2 doors down from my parents. My parents have had the 3rd week of January there since I was in Jr. High and I have many fond memories of the family, friends, and skiing. No skiing for me this year, as I spent my time with the boys. Aaron was able to come up over the weekend with us, when it was very snowy and cold! Fun, as long as we stayed inside by the fire. On Sunday Aaron went home and my sister, Tami, came up with her 4 kids. Most of them stayed with us, as my parents enjoyed the company of our long-time family friends, Mons & Sally Ellingson. Alden had a wonderful time with his cousins and playing in the "ho" and building a "ho-man" as he admonished everyone, "no eat lellow ho." The things Dads teach their boys! Tami and I really enjoyed our evenings together once the kids went down. We discovered that we like a lot of the same tv shows, and both our husbands hate them. So things were crazy, but fun, as most vacations are. We even had Aaron's sis-in-law, Missy, and her kids, Gabe & Corinne, come stay the last day & night with us. We are glad to be home, but thankful for a great vacation!

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