Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Newest Carpenter (non-human)

After mourning the loss of our sweet Brittney dog for an appropriate time - we began looking for a new dog. We were prepared to be picky and were not in a hurry. Aaron's mom was the one doing much of the looking for us, but all of us checked out ads for a couple weeks, and then this weekend we unexpectedly brought home our new dog. I took the boys up to Lakeside to Aaron's parents for conference (while Aaron worked all weekend) and when we got there... suprise, suprise - we met our new dog. We were looking for a fully grown & trained female spaniel - so of course they got us a male puppy. But he is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which was our first choice. And we love him despite his 11 week old puppiness and his male genes. He uses the dog door already and loves to chase the boys around the backyard. I just hope we can get him potty trained long before the baby comes. His name is Lucky and we would love to have visitors if anyone wants to meet him.


Shannon said...

what a cute puppy! not to be disloyal to Brittney or anything, but this dog is even cuter! and Alden looks so big!

Marcy said...

he's so cute.