Friday, May 30, 2008

Skinny Minnies

So, we're raising a bunch of beanpole boys over here. Roland's four month well visit was great - he was even cute with the doctor and smiled and laughed. Not so much for the two nurses giving him bunches of shots. They have the worst job! Our little Ro Ro is 13 lbs and 6 oz, which only puts him in the 25th%. Which is okay, but two months ago he was in the 50th%. Our pediatrician said not to worry though, he seems to be growing just fine. He has gained about two pounds in the last two months. He is 26 inches tall, which is like 80-85%. I'm always a little bit skeptical about height measurements with babies. One of the boys shrunk once, which seems a little fishy to me. Babies are just too wiggly. So, for a little comparison:

I can see that Roley is falling a little bit behind - I'll have to be less resentful about feeding him three times a night.

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Aaron said...

What Tara didn't say was that Roland has been diagnosed with Cute-itis and proclaimed by his physician as the smartest 4 month old of his generation.