Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ah, Good Times

When I sit and think back over my life, I'm very happy. I've had a lot of good times. I often reminisce about high school days, which I loved. And I feel almost the same way about my college life at BYU. I mean, okay, there are things I would do differently. Like actually attend my classes. But I made a lot of good memories too. I majored in Chemistry Education. I knew I wanted to be a chemistry teacher ever since I took Chemistry my sophmore year of high school and realized I was a much better teacher than "the fat man," Chance Dunn. God rest his soul. Yes, he's passed on. And yes, he called himself "the fat man." Oh, I could go on and on about that class, but suffice to say my love of chemistry was born and I realized I have a wee talent for teaching. I never wavered, I never changed my major, I never realized that teaching high school is way too hard (until student teaching). I took all my chemistry classes, and my education classes, and not a lot of others. I had enough AP credits to take care of a lot of electives and I had a pretty focused education at BYU. And now I want to start over.

I think I short-changed myself while at BYU. Yes, I took some fun classes here and there, but I don't think I took a lot of practical classes. Classes I wish I could take now: cooking, sewing, child-rearing, financial managment, etc. Things that would make me better at my job, which is staying home and raising my children and managing our household. For that matter, why didn't I just take Home Ec in high school? I was way too snooty for something like Home Ec, I wanted to be an academic. But now, I would take these classes not just because they are practical, but because I would really enjoy them. I've been angling to take a class at my local community college for a couple years now - Sewing for the Home. My friend, Jody, took it and had a great time and learned a lot of new skills.

I think it's ironic that I spent so much time and effort on curriculum I might not use much. I hate to set back women's rights here, but I firmly believe a women's place is in the home and that she should prepare herself for that as much as possible. Not necessarily to the exclusion of other things, since I also believe women should get the education they need to support or help support their family, if needed. And I really am hoping to get a Masters Degree in Chemistry someday and teach at a community college.

So, even though I have very fond memories of my time in Provo, all seven years of it - here is a list of classes I would have found interesting and helpful.

SFL 100 : Strengthening Marriage and Family: Proclamation Principles and Scholarship
SFL 110 : Food Preparation in the Home
SFL 180 : Clothing the Family
SFL 260 : Family Finance
ECE 320 : Teaching the Creative Arts: Birth Through Kindergarten
EL ED 340 : Children's Literature
MUSIC 221 : Functional Piano Skills 1
TMA 150 : Public Speaking
VA 134 : Introduction to Photography
HEPE 129 : Fitness and Lifestyle Management
EXSC 101R : Activities for Fitness and Weight Control
RMYL 301 : Family Recreation
ACC 200 : Principles of Accounting
BUS M 205R : Planning for Financial Security at Retirement
BUS M 372 : Basic Entrepreneurship Skills
I SYS 105 : Creating Personal Web Pages


The Thorley Family said...

I took a few of these at BYU - the Children's Lit class was great. I'll see if I can't find my textbook and let you know which one it is. I know I kept it because it was so good - I probably could've skipped the class and just read the book.

Actually, you could probably take a lot of these online through BYU. I think I did personal finance that way...

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Love that last one -- Creating Personal Web Pages. Was that even offered when we were there, like, a million years ago?

I am so with you on all of these. Do they have this kind of thing at Education Week? Hey -- we should totally go sometime now that I am close!!! Come up and stay. Isn't it in late August?????