Monday, April 28, 2008

Forgotten Naughtiness

Emmett was sick all weekend. Like, miserably sick. Like, make-us-all-miserable sick. Just a virus, of course, nothing too serious. Fever and pain mostly. He said, "tummy hurt!" a lot and whenever he tried to eat or drink anything he said, "hurt!" Which means he didn't really eat or drink anything for several days. I think that saved us from the vomiting and diarrhea the doctor said he would have. We literally pinned him down and poured medicine down him a dozen times or so and just held him while he cried during half the night. He seems to be feeling much better today.

Let's hear it for my wonderful husband, who stayed home to help on Thur. and Fri. and then did more than his fair share all weekend. He was really excited to go back to work today and escape the craziness!

But before I forget to document another event...

Early last week I tried to feed the boys dinner and instead of eating Alden informed me that he and Emmett were ready for bed. So we got jammas on, read books, and said prayers. And I locked them in. They weren't quiet long, of course, but I was nursing the baby and didn't hear anyone getting hurt so I ignored it. When Aaron got home he went to check on them and immediately screamed for me.

Emmett had pulled down everything from the top of his dresser (a recent fave) and smeared an entire tube of Desitin all over himself. His face was covered and it was in his eyes. His hair was plastered with the stuff. We though Alden had done it at first, but realized his hands were clean, literally. Aaron threw Emmy in the tub and scrubbed him hard about five times with Emmett screaming. But he still smelled like Desitin for days. And no, we didn't take pictures. Darn it!

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