Saturday, July 5, 2008

At Least He's Happy

Remember how I posted about Roland dropping to the 25th percentile for weight at his four month well-visit? I've been a bit paranoid since then because it just doesn't seem like he eats very much. And he's sooo skinny! I never know if I'm not making enough milk, or if he doesn't like my milk, or if he just doesn't like nursing and would rather drink from a bottle. I finally decided to get my hands on a pump to help out (thanks, Missy!) and found a baby scale to weigh Roland again now that he's five months old.

When I discovered he had only gained 12 ounces I was quite worried and called our pediatrician. He had us go in the same day (Wed) to check Roley out. Worse than I thought, he had only gained nine ounces in 32 days, which only far below the 1/2 ounce a day MINIMUM the doctor said is necessary. It's barely half. Good thing I got that pump, because I'm going to be using it, in addition to supplementing with formula. Also good that Aaron took Alden & Emmett out of town this weekend, because it's been pretty crazy trying to figure out how to nurse, supplement, pump, etc. It will be even more fun with everyone back tomorrow. Heaven help us! I just hope something works and when we go back for the six month check up Roley will have bulked up and made it to 15 pounds.

Other than being too skinny, our sweet Ro-Ro is happy & healthy. He scoots all over the house in his walker, loves playing with toys or his own toes, and has certainly found his voice. He goes to bed at 5:30 or 6pm and sleeps until 7:30 in the morning (minus 2-4 feedings during that time). He even takes two naps a day, which are getting pretty regular. It's much easier to plan our day now. He can almost sit up by himself and seems to have a pretty strong trunk. I put him in the front of the grocery cart yesterday for the first time (will take a picture soon), which was fun but will be a rare treat because that is definitely Emmett's spot. Emmy always has to be strapped in the stroller/cart or he gets into too much trouble. And Roley ends up crying and wanting to be held anyway, so I usually just keep him in the Baby Bjorn. Such is life with three little ones. But we try to enjoy it.


Candice said...

Aaron told me about this picture on your blog of Roley for me to look at and he said that Roland looked like a little Ethiopian baby. He doesn't look that skinny. I"m glad you are a concerned mom and are taking the necessary steps to plump him up! I hope it all goes well for you. You're right, it is a good thing all your other 3 boys aren't home right now while your trying to figure this all out!

The Thorley Family said...

I had the same problem with Peter... I think it is just the stress and chaos of having 3 young children clamoring about ALL the time. I supplemented for about a month and then Peter decided he wasn't interested in nursing anymore and we made the full switch to formula. Good luck with everything!

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Yeah -- he's way too pale to be Ethiopian!

But I think he definitely looks thinner than when we saw him (the only time we've seen him, boo-hoo).

It's like Dr. Sears says (the only ting of his that I totally agree with) -- that a mother has to become (or is) the expert on her baby. Because no one else is going to be the expert.

Way to be an expert Mommy!

The Fegers said...

When we went to the Keys, I pumped, but when I got back, my milk was way down. I was sick to my tummy about my milk drying up too soon. I pumped after every feeding that I could and had to supplement a little. I'm not against supplementing at all, but I'm just lazy. I do NOT want to get up in the middle of the night to make a bottle numberous times. Luckily, the milk is back, baby! It's really really good that it's just the two of you, so you CAN pump if you want. I don't know what I'd do w/o my pump. Isaac had enough frozen milk while I was in the Keys too.

I still supplemented tonight. My baby's on the other end of the scales. He's humungus!

Oh, and he has found his voice, would love a walker, but it's at Corrie's b/c she has a bigger house, likes finding his feet, and has started to find his voice. I really oughtta blog about this stuff, I'm behind, huh. It's fun that they're so close in age.

Lori said...

all 3 of my boys were on the small side. if he's developing and seems to be good otherwise don't worry yourself sick (at least that's what my doctor said). it's fun to see how big he is getting. sniff sniff. someday i'll see you and your family in person. good luck in the mean time. you are a great mom.

Taryn and Sterling said...

you are a good mom, but don't worry. Ian is in the 10%, and my doctor is not too worried as long as he is gaining at a steady rate for him. I don't think he looks too skinny. He is so cute. Good job for continuing to nurse and pump. I love my pump as well. I went through a period where my milk was low in the evening so I would pump in the morning and use that milk in the evenings to supplement with. When I pumped more, my milk supply came up. It must be hard with two other monkeys though. I can't believe he is that small when you nurse him 2-4 times a night. Ian quick nursing at night about about 3-4 months. He should plump up in no time.