Sunday, March 4, 2007

Aaron's Bereavement Leave

Not to be irreverent about it, we love Aaron's grandma and will miss her dearly, but when Aaron's company gave him a bunch of bereavement leave and told him to go be with his family - we couldn't help but take them up on it. We spent Friday morning at the Phoenix zoo, enjoying all the animals, including our two sweet boys. The highlight of the day was the squirrel that ate out of Brooklyn's hand. Alden also enjoyed seeing Pumba (the warthogs) and riding the train. And after a nice naptime, we spent the evening with our friends the Rasmussens, BBQing and having fun. A special thanks to my sister, Tami, for taking us to the zoo, as well as all the others that have taken us to the zoo with their passes. We need to get our own one of these days.

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