Friday, March 16, 2007

Video At Last!

I've been wondering how to post video to our blog for quite a while now. Finally, thanks to a few inspiring words from my friend, Shannon, and loads of computer saavy (thank goodness it was so easy), I'm finally adding our first video.

Keep in mind the following:
We don't have a video camera - these were shot with our webcam. Not too bad, I think.
This clip is 1:43 long and consists entirely our children. If you're not interested - don't watch.
Emmett's video was taken a couple months ago - he's totally more advanced now!


shannon said...

that's totally cool! i love the black and white, kind of newspaper-y titles! what cute kids. too bad i don't want boys anymore :). (i'll have to show it to Avery; Callie didn't recognize the boys).

Susan said...

Loved the video! It was so fun to have the boys over the other day. What cuties :)