Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Our First Emergency

We were at Candlelight Park last night for FHE and Alden somehow got hurt and ended up bleeding. To give you the background, 3 months ago he split his chin open in Lakeside at Aaron's parents. It possibly needed stitches, but we were trying to head home and just tried to tape it up the best we could. The problem with tape/butterfly bandages is that they have to remain relatively dry to adhere to your skin. And anyone who knows my darling first born son knows that he's the Grand Champion Drooler! So, the scar has been fairly large, (maybe we should have gotten the stitches) but we figured he's a boy and it doesn't show much anyway. But he knocked it last night and opened it all right back up. After much debate, I ended up taking him to urgent care, which thankfully was empty and we didn't wait too horribly long. In the end, we had to strap him completely down so that the Dr. could use the medical equivalent of super glue to close the wound, and hopefully seal it from moisture (the prolific drool). Then they wrapped bright blue corban around his head several times to keep a piece of gauze in place over the glue, more measures to keep it dry. That lasted until we got home, and now we are just taping the gauze. Other than being up so late, Alden is taking it all in stride and has continued with his regular fun schedule. All in all, a very calm first visit to urgent care - let's hope our first ER visit will go as well some day.

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shannon said...

poor Alden! looks like he was a brave boy, though, and it's good to have the battle wound scars for later in life. you can use regular super glue too, you know (but i always like a real medical opinion).