Thursday, December 4, 2008

Parents Day Out

Aaron was asked to speak at a Security Conference down in Tucson and I was able to go down to spend the day with him yesterday. Thanks to Candice & my Mom for taking our boys for the day. Hopefully they weren't too much trouble. Oh yeah - there was the whole diaper explosion from Roley, but maybe that was all.

We left early and were there by 8:30. It's hard to remember the last time Aaron and I had uninterrupted conversation for two hours. Even when we go out together there are distractions and activities. We really enjoyed it. And then I really enjoyed hearing Aaron's presentation at the conference. I learned more about his job than ever before and was impressed with his delivery and competence. The attendees seemed to like it, which was more evident by their attention to the next speaker, whose material was pretty boring.

After the morning session we were free to pursue our own pleasures - which means FOOD! We found a great pizza place on 4th Ave. (like Mill Ave. in Tempe) where we enjoyed a salad with warm sauteed veggies and a Greek pizza with feta, pine nuts, and spinach. If you're ever in Tucson, try Magpies - the pizza crusts are delicious. Then we found ourselves a fancy outdoor shopping center to stroll around, enjoy the nice weather, and do a little window shopping. La Encantada has great stores & restaurants, including a Sephora, Tiffany, Kenneth Cole, and an Apple Store. I slobbered over the iPod Touch for a while, and Aaron occupied himself while I did other browsing. And after all the walking around we were hungry again, naturally. So we stopped at Ra for happy hour. For under $20 we enjoyed the outside weather, a couple sushi rolls and a couple appetizers, a soft couch where we could cuddle, and a good view of the Tucson mountains.

I had my new camera and tried out some different features while we were eating. Here's Aaron making his most handsome faces while I try out the continuous shoot mode.

We headed back pretty early and picked up the boys before anyone lost patience and tied them up. I even got a little bit of napping time on the drive back. I hope he gets invited to speak every year!

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