Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

What a trip! We had a wonderful time and for me the whole thing was very relaxing. Probably not as much for Aaron as he watched the kids a bunch of times while I played with my girlfriends. But if it weren't for the 2 car rides, it would have been darn near perfect for me. We did make it back in record time, despite the tears falling from at least three of our faces. Just two pictures of me and my friends. Lori and I love to do the self-portraits - we have tons! Lindsay and I somehow forgot our cameras at women's conference. We are wearing the matching pjs that Katy gave us for Christmas. Thanks, Kate! Our thanks again to the Moores and Youngs for putting us up - we miss all of you already!

Showing off the new BYU apparel.

Now back to normal life. Anyone know where you can take your car to degunk the filth of two tired parents and two small boys traveling in a too small car for way too many hours? We are so getting a minivan before we have another kid!

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Eric Jensen said...

these are the times that it is so worth the $20 for the big car wash places - try the one by our house and come by and play with the kids before it gets WAY too hot! You can even get Susan's card for $2 off, if you want! Glad you had a good time in Utah!