Friday, May 18, 2007

Swimming Attire

Alden has a new swimming outfit - new sandals, new swim shirt, and new goggles. And then there are the new floaties he didn't need for our pool. Our thanks to Walmart for 2/$1 goggles and $1 floaties. Plus Emmett's $3 b-day present of the truck full of sand toys, which work well in the water too. (What do you get for a one year old with an older sibling?) Alden loves the goggles, he wore them for over 2 hours straight, I swear. When we finally took them off because he couldn't see through the fog anymore he had marks that didn't fade for another hour. We love that half our back yard is shaded during the afternoon - we'll probably spend many post-nap periods out there.


shannon said...

um, i hope Emmett's wearing a swim diaper.

Alden looks so cute in the goggles. reminds me of Avery wearing her roller skates to bed. she hasn't done that for awhile. i guess the goggles would be pretty dangerous in bed. the whole strangling thing.

is Emmett's hair in a mohawk?

Mike and Adrianne said...

I love all the summer activities. We have a cool sprinkler park that we go to at least once a week in the summer. Both my boys have these cool swimming suits with terry cloth inside that clings to the butt so I can let them swim without diapers and then I can take them off and throw them in the washer. It's nice.