Friday, May 11, 2007

New Shoes

For the first time ever, I spent more than $5 on a pair of shoes for Alden. I have had success on ebay and the second-hand stores - not to mention the many generous people who have passed on stuff to us. These were $15! I almost choked. But I think they're kinda retro cool - hopefully.

Let me know if you have a good (cheap) source for kids shoes and clothes.


shannon said...

holy cow! i had no idea you guys won the lottery!!!

those are very cool. where'd you get 'em?

tarable said...

Target. Did i forget to mention about the lottery thing?

shannon said...

well, i'll be checking my mail box, because i'm sure the first thing you would do is send me some BIG surprise!

Eric Jensen said...

TJ and I like to go to Goodwill on 'half price Saturdays'! There are always cool t-shirts and stuff, but I don't know about shoes - it is a hit and miss kinda store. It is better for younger kids for shoes I would imagine cause they grow out of em before they wear them out. Plus, whose kids in Arizona even wear shoes in the summer?