Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Swear I Don't Beat Him

Today I took the boys to the doctor for Emmett's 12 month well visit/check-up. He looked pretty decent when we got there, both scabs having fallen off his face from 2 times I accidentally scratched him, and no overt bumps and bruises. That's the fun thing about learning to walk - you fall down a lot and run into things. It does not help to have a brother who constantly pushes you and runs you over. In we go to our waiting room, but by the time the dr. gets there, we have had 2 major incidents and new dingers to show for it. The doc said the one on his browbone will surely turn black and blue (and purple and green). The funny thing is, neither of these was Alden's fault. Guess I should have left Alden with someone so I could concentrate on Emmett. But I can't follow him around with my arms outstretched to catch him all day long, can I? Emmett's check-up went well and we even got a Rx for the bad diaper rash. But poor Emmy, after all that - he had to get 4 shots! So sad to be one!

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