Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Utah, Take III & IV


Is it sad that 3 of the 7 items on the list are places we ate? Don't judge us - we love food! We are having tons of fun hangin' with the Moores, visiting cool people & places, and enjoying the quality family time.


Adam & Marcy said...

Wow, you guys are good picture takers. I'm glad we could make it into your slideshow! Thanks for coming over--it was great to get to know you! I can see why Shannon is missing you so much.

shannon said...

i think i missed take II?

i saw that byu logo (right next to the AZ one) on the rockyou slideshow, and thought about mentioning it to you; i knew you'd use it sometime!

i love the sleeping in the car pic. isn't that the best feeling of peace?

i AM missing you.

shannon said...

hey, your comments doesn't show my (way cool) picture from my blogger profile. do you have that not ennabled?