Friday, April 6, 2007

Alden's New Pastimes

Now, instead of just watching PBS, Alden has discovered Who knew introducing him to the computer would be so easy, or that he would love it so much! This is a wonderful website and I now justify the time he spends on the computer as "better than watching tv because its more interactive" (more educational, right?). Alden also loves Playhouse Disney and Thomas and Friends. I just have to keep the printer empty of paper, or he will print endless coloring pages. I also have to watch my own work - if I leave the computer sitting with the web browser on something important, when I come back it will probably be on Curious George or Little Einsteins. He seems to be a whiz with navigating web sites, and has his own mini-mouse, although he can use the touch pad on the laptop too. Aaron says we should rent him out to teach grandparents how to use the computer - Alden could sure teach both his grandmothers a thing or two. As a side note, Aaron is always saying we could rent our kids out as a way to make money because they are so cute, or so smart, or so this or that. I agree with him that our boys are the cutest, smartest, sweetest (Emmett), and the best everything, but I guess I just feel guilty about bragging so much!

Alden's other favorite thing to do is help Mom in the kitchen. And I'm sure you can imagine how that goes and just how helpful he is. He loves to mix things, and usually Brittney will take care of whatever he spills. Alden is a boy after my own heart, rather than his father's - he loves chocolate! And of course I keep him in constant supply with my baking. Let's just hope he inherits his father's body type too!

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shannon said...

what a cutie, and of course he likes chocolate, he's intelligent, isn't he?

where are the Easter pictures, eh? I want to see those suits--just roll up the sleeves!