Thursday, April 12, 2007

Saving for a Special Occasion

Sometimes I don't appreciate how great my life is. I don't have a lot of complaints, I just get too caught up in all the little things I need to do (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, etc.). I love playdates not only because I get to hang out with another Mom, but because I actually play with my kids more. I don't worry about all my chores, I just have fun with the boys and it feels like a special occasion. Somehow that seems a little backwards - I shouldn't be saving my sons for a special occasion, every day is special with them! Or it can be, if I make it that way.

I was thinking about this today as I searched for a way to get Alden out of his post-nap grumps. A few days ago I opened up a box of toys that were put away long ago in Florida and both boys have been having loads of fun with them. Among these there was a pack of those glow-in-the-dark flexible sticks, the kind you break the glass in them and they light up. Shannon gave these to all the kids at Callie's 1st birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese in Florida, Oct 2005. That's right, 2005! And I happen to know she got them at the dollar store. And for the next 6 months Alden tried to get me to open them for him, but I always told him we were waiting. You know, for a special occasion. (Like sometime when he doesn't got to bed before dark.) And all this week it's been the same story. I told him they were a special treat and we were saving them. Then I thought - what is wrong with me! They are not a special treat, my son is a special treat and I opened them right up. Of course, except for the 2 min. we spent in a dark room, the glowing feature was lost on Alden, but he loved them anyway.

So, the moral for me is, clean less, enjoy the boys more. And this week has been great because we have had like 4 playdates and have had tons of fun! I love my family and need to show them by the time I spend with them, not the cleaning I do.


shannon said...

i do the same thing, but with clothes or food or craft supplies. i'm sorting everything right now in case we ever do sell our house (not looking likely) and it's crazy what i've come across.

haven't been to the dollar store in awhile; you make me want to go!

hey, while our husbands are gone next week, we should meet in new orleans and play!

Eric Jensen said...

Amen to your comments, Tara