Monday, April 23, 2007

I Love to See the Temple

Saturday Aaron & I were priveledged to attend the sealing of my sister, Tami, to her husband and 4 children. We are so happy for them and admire them for all they have done to get to this point. It was wonderful to see the whole family there in white and you can't help but feel the Spirit so strongly in the temple. My parents hosted an open house for them that night and it was fun to meet all their friends from out in far east Mesa. I even made a "wedding" video for them that included all their kids too. I would post it but it's too big for youtube. But here is the happy family! Jared, Tami, Abby, Lance, Brooklyn & Rex

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shannon said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

(i feel kind of silly commenting on this bec. we already talked about it, but i'm glad to see a pic of your sister and her gorgeous family; now i have faces to put to names).

i hope this will make everything even better for them as a family. it's almost sad we don't need to be sealed to our kids like this; i mean to have the experience in the temple with them. i guess we just have to wait until they're older (but as soon as they're older enough for that, pretty soon they'll have kids and it's a cycle--never in the temple with the entire family, aaahhhhhh).

i hope you got some rest today...