Thursday, April 26, 2007

More Downtown Mesa Fun

See everyone (Shannon), Mesa is a great place to live! Last week we had fun at the Mesa SW Museum, and today we enjoyed the statues downtown. Every year there are cool bronze statues/sculptures on display and my Mom likes to gather the girls together to view the art, check out the shops, and have lunch & treats. My sister, Tami, took Brooklyn & Rex and my cousin-in-law, Melanie, took Bradley & Carter. Of course Alden & Emmett rounded out the party, along with 3 strollers. We tried not to terrorize too many shops, although they have a lot of fun boutiques and girly kinds of stuff. And Mom treated everyone to lunch at Mangoes and cookies from Sweet Cakes - thanks Mom! (Not that she ever reads our blog, her dial-up internet is tooooo slow.) Below are pictures of the group and some of our favorite statues.

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