Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hooray for New Stuff

We have several new items at the Carpenter home. Wish they were for me, but Alden is the very lucky boy this week. He is the proud user of a new "big boy bed." Very exciting. We had planned on getting bunkbeds as soon as Alden left his crib and I've been pushing to do it sooner, Aaron later. A common difference for us - I love to spend, Aaron likes to wait. But we both won - we ended up with a sweet friend who gave us 2 top mattresses, we scrounged a box spring from Aaron's grandma's house, and rummaged in my parent's attic for a headboard/footboard/rails. Yeah! A free big boy bed. Except for the bedding, although we took a few donations. And being the free-spending, think-ahead mom that I am - I had purchased an awesome twin bedding set, sans sheets, in St. Pete like 9 months ago. Of course, even with his awesome duvet cover, Alden insists on using his Pooh blanket still 'cause "it's so fuzzy, Mom!" We'll work on the bare walls next.

And our other new item is a swingset, which of course will be for both boys, but Alden doesn't think so, although he doesn't even know how to swing yet. He only goes on his stomach, usually with a running start, which of course has ended in several face plants when he overshoots. Emmett helped with the assembly, although we seem to be missing a dozen or so pieces of hardware. Hope he didn't think they tasted as good as this wrench. I put Emmett on the slide with Alden for some pictures, and they even went down together a few times. And Emmy even laughed! But he always laughs at his brother, even when Alden is pushing him away (constantly)! I bet Emmett gets bigger than him eventually and won't that be fun!


shannon said...

i'm so jealous of your swingset!! looking good.

so, you wanna meet in new orleans tomorrow?

Susan said...

The swing set's a lot of fun. My kids loved playing on it, and kept asking when we were going to get one!