Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Brittney the Dog!

Welcome to the first installment of the Carpenter’s guest blogger, Brittney the Dog! Brittney (that’s what my people call me) is part Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and part Britney Spaniel and about 10 years old. I joined the family in June 2000 when Aaron’s mom stopped at Safeway, where they had Safeway Select puppies going for a special price! (Actually it was the local Pinetop-Lakeside animal shelter offering dogs for adoption outside of Safeway but isn’t a Safeway Select puppy better?) I am definitely a people dog and don’t really enjoy the company of my own species; they bug me too much. Although most people think I am a puppy when they first meet me (because of my energetic greetings), I am actually a dog who lives in perpetual holiday, enjoying my bed, the rugs, Aaron’s Lazy-Boy, and under Emmett’s crib as places to rest my weary legs, while I wait for the exciting times like breakfast, dinner, or when visitors drop by. I hope you too drop by to visit my people so I can have some reason to get out of bed.

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