Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wonderful Weekend!

We Carpenters have had a wonderful 3 day weekend! Aaron pretty much took Friday off and we took the boys shopping at the mall in the afternoon. We were a bit worried but couldn't find a babysitter so we took them and they were so good! Aaron found the new shoes he wanted, I had tons of fun browsing, we ate bagel dogs and visited the pet store. We capped it all off with 30 min. at the kid play place. They loved it - even Emmett. Probably the highlight of the whole experience was our visit to the Godiva chocolate store. They were all so nice and gave us free samples. We let Alden choose one piece since he was a good boy and told us he had to go potty. Aaron chose 'chocoiste pearls" to take to work, I chose a Dark Chocolate Decadence Chocolixir, a frozen drink that left me speechless - quite a feat! I wanted to put a picture of it here, but apparently its copyrighted and you can't get it off the site, so I'm adding the link.

Saturday was a continuation of the fun as we spent a couple hours at the company picnic for my Dad, Steve Blasnek. They had bouncy houses, slides, food, etc. and I even remembered to put sunscreen on the boys. Alden loves playing with his cousins and liked watching Abby climb the rock wall. He can't wait 'til he's big enough. Church was not a disaster and we are having Aaron's family for dinner - so overall a decent Sunday too. I love weekends like this!

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